A band of talented misfits dead set on changing the world.


Our mission is to
rewrite the rules and build something great.

About Us

It’s not enough to simply produce interesting advertising campaigns. The work has to mean something. It can’t just look pretty. It needs to solve a problem and that’s what INK does.

We tell the story of your brand in a way that creates emotional attachments. We connect the dots to produce work that’s simultaneously strategic, innovative
and creative.

We create awareness, drive sales, increase brand loyalty—and we do it with big ideas, smart thinking and hard work. Going deeper, getting to the good stuff. Daring to shoot for the moon every time. We create work that asks questions. Work that provides answers. To put it simply—We’re not your ordinary agency. That’s why we create
extraordinary work.

Our Leadership

Smart, creative and sexy as hell.


Todd Henderson

Co-Founder & CEO

Todd co-founded INK in January of 2007 and has 25+ years of experience serving as strategic partner to companies such as Sony, HP, Diageo, Mattel, Guess Clothing and Hotels.com.


Megan Lavender

Co-Founder & COO

Megan co-founded INK in January of 2007 and has 25+ years of experience serving as a strategic partner to companies such as Evolent Health, Bloomingdale’s, Ford, Best Buy, Bank of America and Mercedes-Benz.


Tim Price

Chief Client Officer

Tim joined INK in March of 2012 via RiechesBaird and has 25+ years of experience in B2B brand strategy and development. Historic clients include Edwards Lifesciences, Life Technologies, Evolent Health, AMN Healthcare, American Airlines and Irvine Company.


Maura Casey

Production Services Director

Maura joined the INK team in 2012 bringing 25+ years of production knowledge. Her previous client experience includes Verizon Wireless, Walmart, SUPERVALU, Kroger, Unilever,  Option One Mortgage and National City Bank.


Sean Hardwick

Group Account Director

Sean's advertising path has taken him to Chiat/Day, Team One, back to Chiat/Day to run Apple, an interim stint at Apple heading up Marcom reporting to Steve Jobs, TBWA\LONDON, Sedgwick Rd in Seattle and FCB Orange County and now at INK. His passion is finding the “one thing” that unlocks unabashed creativity from teams, and gets an unfair share of the consumer’s heart.


Tom Doerr

Digital Marketing Director

Tom is a seasoned digital strategist, honing his skills during the social media revolution and bringing a wealth of diverse experience and disciplines to the table. Following successful multi-channel digital campaigns in some of the UK’s most innovative agencies, Tom crossed the pond to join INK and help solve our clients' complex and extensive business challenges.

Play hard.
Work harder.

One of our values is that you should be looking out for each other. Everyone should try to make the lives of everyone else who works here a little bit simpler.

  • INK is proud to give some pro-bono support to @goodthing.buzz in their campaign to raise funds to support victims of cystic fibrosis, by sending them to @mauliolafoundation surf camps, where the high salinity in the ocean water is a natural therapy for their lungs!
  • Congrats to our very own @jonobareford whose music video “Zion” won the Mission Viejo Film Festival!
  • When you do legit work people talk about you. Check us out in this week’s issue of the @ocbizjournal.
  • Specializing in not f*cking up your brand.
  • Solid vibes at the Beach Office today.
  • Meet recent INK addition, Josh Harada. This guy’s got some major graphic design chops and photo/video skills. Did we mentions he moonlights as a maniacal evil genius? Welcome to the team Josh.

You know you want some.