The world has changed.
Has your lead gen kept up?

What is DICE?

INK’s Data Informed Customer Engagement model, or DICE is a powerful way to drive leads, engagement and conversions—all in less than 60 days.

At the center of this model is content, lots of content. We quickly produce dozens of original assets and watch for patterns in the data to optimize our campaigns in near-real time.

Leveraging powerful audience profiling tools, we target the exact audience you want to engage with compelling content, delivering deeper engagement and more qualified leads.

How does it work?

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See how we helped Griffin Capital generate $148M+ in new leads in just 6 weeks.

“Incredible!   I was not expecting results to pop this quickly. What a great campaign!”

Diana Keary, SVP, Head of Marketing, Griffin Capital

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See how we helped Pelorus drive $4.6M in revenue at 10x ROI.

“INK helped us revamp our brand and bring in new investors. They brought in more leads than we ever expected!”

Rob Sechrist, President, Pelorus