Hands-on leadership. No hand-offs.

At INK, senior executives lead every engagement. You'll work directly with branding and marketing experts who possess decades of experience.

Todd Henderson

Co-Founder and President

Todd is an award-winning brand strategist with over 30 years of experience in servicing both start-ups as well as Fortune 500 firms in strengthening their brands, increasing market share and elevating valuation. His ability to blend strategic insight with creative problem solving has positioned Todd as a trusted advisor to the executives of the companies he serves.

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Megan Lavender

Co-Founder and COO

Since 2007, Meg has founded, invested in, and served as strategic advisor to a number of businesses with a focus on tech, finance, real estate and health care. Meg loves steering the direction of INK’s thriving brand strategy business, while indulging her passion for entrepreneurial thinking and great creative.

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Tim Price

Chief Client Officer

Tim’s obsession with strategy, creativity and writing hasn’t diminished after thirty years as a practitioner of the craft. He thrives on collaborating with clients and peers, drafting all brand strategy documentation, developing distinctive brand identity systems, putting all of them into practice and, most importantly, seeing companies grow and thrive as a result.

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Craig Jacobin

Group Account Director

Craig is a seasoned marketing activation leader with deep experience in promotional marketing, digital strategy & execution and content development. His ability to embrace the strategic and creative vision of a brand while focusing intently on flawless execution have made him a valued partner for our clients.

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