Case Study

Advanced Airway Solutions


Brand Positioning, Brand Identity, Campaign Development, Collateral, Signage, Website, Lead Generation

"A world-class brand and dozens of new leads every week. We couldn't be happier! INK is the whole package."

Faye Van Boxtel, CMO, Advanced Airway Solutions


Advanced Airway Solutions was born from work done by an innovative dentist who leveraged her extensive experience using laser technology to develop a new treatment for snoring and sleep apnea. AAS at the time was a sub-brand operating within a dental clinic. Our job was to first develop a new stand-alone brand for AAS, with the vision being the opening of several clinics throughout Southern California dedicated to treating sleep breathing disorders. Then we were tasked with bringing prospects through the doors.


We developed a new brand identity that focused on elegantly communicating perpetual airflow and the enhanced opening of the airway. We followed that up with a brand look and feel that carefully reinforced the benefit of getting treatment for Advanced Airway Solutions—pure, blissful sleep. The color palette is rooted in iconic baby colors of light blue and pink, while our images all have a dreamlike quality. This look is extended throughout all AAS materials.