Getting the world's first
droneport off the ground.


Capitalizing on the emerging drone industry, a group of entrepreneurs and investors set out to create a credible disruptor in the category. Our role was to build as much credibility and purpose into the efforts to help them get this new business off the ground.

The very name “Aerodrome” means an airport dedicated to drone traffic. From this starting point, we expanded the brand position and identity to stand for something aspirational in the minds of our target audience–students interested in a future career in the drone industry. As part of this brand launch, we developed a website, training materials and lead generation strategies to give the organization as much awareness and credibility as possible. The result? We successfully launched the worlds-first droneport, giving Aerodrome their wings.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside INK to launch not one, but two brands in Base11 and Aerodrome. Each time they impressed me with their ability to help shape both the brand story as well as the underlying strategy for accomplishing my business goals. They are invested in my success both emotionally and financially and having a partner like that at your side is absolutely invaluable."

— Landon Taylor, 
CEO, Aerodrome

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