Baja Fresh

a fast-food icon.

Practically inventing the Mexican fast-casual category in the 1990s, Baja Fresh was in need of a fresh new story to tell the world.

Slow food. Fast. That was the centerpiece of our messaging strategy. We highlighted the fact that unlike many of their competitors, Baja Fresh painstakingly prepared each and every morsel of food by hand, on premise, every day. It was this unique and ownable platform that enabled us to begin transitioning Baja Fresh from a “me too” Mexican QSR to a place to get authentic Mexican food quickly and on a budget. With an overhaul of the in-store experience, we evolved everything from menu boards, window clings and FSIs, to the digitization of their promotional efforts rolling out their first-ever social media promotion and couponing program aimed at encouraging millennials to snap and share their meals with friends and family.

“INK has rejuvenated our brand in a way that captures our authenticity and takes us in a bold, new direction. Most importantly, our franchisees have voiced their enthusiasm and support, and they’re excited for the rollout.”

— Jerry de Lucia Senior Director Marketing and Product Development

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