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A fresh take on product videos.

Attention B2B Firms–You’re Still Speaking to Human Beings.

As a leader in the electronic documentation industry, DocuTech forgot one simple truth–that at the end of the day, their software will be used by actual people. We helped them bring emotion to a utilitarian transaction and tell a better story about their company and their products.

As our first course of action following the strategic positioning of DocuTech, we set out to improve their utilitarian tagline of Compliance. Technology. Documents. In its place, we created the platform “For Life’s Dotted Lines”, which is a nod to the context in which their technology is used and the emotional connection to its end users. With that insight in hand, we set out to create a new logo and identity system, sales collateral, website and brochure. The crown jewel of the new campaign was a series of animated explainer videos that showcased the features of their various products in a creative and ownable way.