The proof is in the pounding.


Getac is the world’s leading manufacturer of rugged laptops and tablets. But they’re not alone. With the likes of Dell and Panasonic nipping at their heels, Getac hired us to help them rise above the static and truly stand out in the market as the definitive experts in rugged. 

Unlike their competitors, Getac specializes exclusively in rugged hardware.


So we created “We’re Built For This.” A campaign and brand development project that speaks to their exclusive focus on rugged tech, as well as the nature of the work their specific vertical markets like defense, police, fire-rescue and warehousing do. 


To add a layer of support to the messaging, we branded their industry-leading warranty and customer support policy and called it the “No Days Off Guarantee.” Because those protecting our nation and our communities never rest, neither do we. 

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