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A rising star in Rugged Computing.

From Science to Shine

Perhaps you’ve never heard of Silberline, but you undoubtedly have their products parked in your garage, chilling in your refrigerator or perhaps even in the palm of your hand at this very moment. For over 75 years, Silberline has specialized in making things shine—providing the raw aluminum pigments present in countless products you interact with every day. The metallic sheen of your automobile. The sparkle in your favorite can of soda. Or the pearlescent glow of your mobile device.

Over those many years of success, Silberline’s brand identity had remained fairly consistent. Recognizing a need to modernize their image, Silberline asked INK to develop a new brand identity that would reflect both the modern science tied to their approach to product development, as well as the resulting shine that their products generate in other products. INK worked closed with Silberline to define their overall position and then translated that to a new look and feel that catapulted the brand look and feel into a much more modern space. The new brand has been introduced in the form of Silberline’s trade show presence and related collateral, with a more robust transformation on the way.