Golden Spoon

Giving the godfathers of
frozen yogurt their swagger back.


As inventors of the frozen yogurt category back in the early 1980s, Golden Spoon’s product remained unparalleled, but their brand was suffering from neglect. INK’s mission was to breathe new life into the brand and help them separate themselves from the rest of the “me-too” pack.

It all started with research and an insight that Golden Spoon’s core audience of enthusiasts cared more about health and wellness than they did about the authenticity of flavors. Armed with this information, we set out to transform the brand into one that stood for a healthy, Southern California lifestyle coupled with incredible flavors only found in their stores. From identity development to web and point-of-sale we set out to modernize the brand. We even revolutionized their pricing model launching “weightless pricing” along with an industry-first Flavor Finder app.

“A major branding project is never simple especially with an established brand like ours. INK immediately captured the essence of our company and combined their analytical and creative skills to define our brand. They got it right the first time. INK is literally the best company I’ve worked with in the past 20 years. INK literally saved my company!"

— Ed Evans, President Golden Spoon

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