Case Study

Griffin Capital


Brand Video, Lead Generation and CRM

"Incredible! I was not expecting results to pop this quickly. What a great campaign!”

Diana Keary, SVP, Head of Marketing, Griffin Capital


  • Shortened 6-week timeframe coupled with the need to create all campaign assets from scratch.
  • The financial advisory category is both complex and competitive. Targets are reluctant to engage in sales/marketing conversations.
  • Challenging QOZ product to promote via database of dormant contacts


  • Launch a mix of branded and un-branded emails designed to pique interest
  • A/B test all actions and leverage data to test results and optimize on the fly
  • Deployed a separate email to a rented list of real estate investment professionals in NY, LA, Miami & Chicago
  • All of the above activities were also supported with retargeting display advertising through LinkedIn


Brand awareness

  • Re-engaged current CRM contacts with an average of 12 touches via re-targeting during campaign

Lead engagement

  • 254,419 emails were sent, Attaining an average 23% open rate and a 13% click rate; beating the B2B industry averages: 15% and 3%

Lead capture

  • Within the first 6 weeks of the campaign we captured 500+ marketing qualified leads representing $148M+ of potential business.