Case Study

Griffin Capital


Brand Video, Lead Generation and CRM

"Incredible! I was not expecting results to pop this quickly. What a great campaign!”

Diana Keary, SVP, Head of Marketing, Griffin Capital


The financial advisory category is both complex and competitive with a flurry of different offerings and a general difficulty in engaging Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), Financial Advisors (FAs) and Accredited Investors. Skepticism among these audiences is high, so we needed a way to break through the clutter and offer something truly of value to our target audiences.


We deployed our DICE  (Data Informed Customer Engagement) model of lead generation to deploy an integrated campaign in roughly 30 days.  Leveraging a mix of branded and un-branded emails designed to pique interest and top-of-the-funnel digital display and retargeting ads, we created several dozen unique assets in a matter of a few weeks.

We then A/B tested all relevant actions and leveraged data to test results and optimize the campaign in real-time. All of the above activities were also supported with retargeting display advertising through LinkedIn.

Financial Advertising

Setup & Reporting

We managed the set up and integration of Pardot, creating the forms and email sequences, then integrating with our custom-built WordPress landing pages. To track events and trace traffic, we added Google Tag Manager Implementation and UTMs to all links. We then deployed Heat Mapping tracking on all landing pages to further optimize the campaign, aggregating click and scroll data. We share results in real-time with a custom-built dashboard where critical metrics are tracked.

Heat mapping scroll and hover insights

Results - Within first 30 days of deployment

500+ New Leads

254,419 Emails Sent

23% Open Rate

$148M+ In New Qualified Leads

Data Drives Everything.

We have a custom approach to digital lead generation called DICE (Data Informed Customer Engagement) that focuses on making decisions from factual data & analytics, not opinion. This rapid-deployment model enables us to quickly develop go-to-market strategies and deploy in as little as 30-days, gathering data, optimizing campaigns and driving towards agreed upon success metrics.