Case Study



Brand Launch, Web Development, and Lead Generation

“We view INK as management consultants. Their breadth of expertise is invaluable.”

Mike Forsum, COO, Landsea Holdings

Launching a global homebuilder in the U.S.

Landsea Group Company is a global homebuilder and one of the Top 100 real estate firms in China. The company formed its American subsidiary of Landsea Homes in 2016 with the goal of aggressively expanding into the U.S. market, and they hired INK to position and launch their brand.

INK underwent our brand development process to identify the company’s unique attributes and develop a compelling brand promise, informed by interviews with Landsea’s executives, homeowners and industry partners. We coined the tagline, “Live in your element” to summarize the experience of life in a Landsea home. We developed a new visual identity system and applied it to a new corporate website and brochure, community signage, stationery system and other materials. INK also developed a brand adoption program that went far beyond marketing and engrained the brand deeply throughout the organization, from human resources and procurement to customer service and sales.