Case Study

Ling Ling


Branding, Digital Advertising, Lead Generation, and Video Production

“The Ling Ling campaign was developed following INK’s process and it turned out great.”

Warren Martin, Vice President Brand Marketing, Ajinomoto Windsor

Making the Freezer Aisle a Destination.

Consumers dislike the freezer aisle. It’s a compromise; it’s cold, dark and uninspired. INK uncovered this truth as well as the key campaign insight: the home cook is under more pressure than ever. Gourmet chefs, 24/7 Food Network have added expectations of every meal being gourmet, on top of all the other responsibilities.

So INK developed a campaign that reflected that problem, and positioned Ling Ling as a gourmet solution, summed up in the line “Gourmet Asian Made Easy.” INK also found in research that the 15-second spots outperformed the 30-second spots so we upended the media plan to be all 15-second spots, gaining over 30% more effectiveness from the same dollars.