Case Study

Pelorus Equity Group


Brand Awareness, Lead Engagerment, Lead Capture, and Lead Conversion

INK helped us revamp our brand and bring in new investors. They brought in more leads than we ever expected!

Rob Sechrist, President, Pelorus


Even seasoned investors still hesitate before investing in Cannabis-related funds

Untested messaging

Non-existent automation processes to capture and nurture leads


Create evergreen assets to address any barriers preventing investors from engaging

Track all actions via Google Analytics, Marketing Automation and Heat-Mapping.

A/B test all emails to leverage data and continuously optimize the campaign

Leverage third-party email databases to amplify reach.

Retargeting display advertising through LinkedIn.

User experience

80% of the clicks above the fold.

17% conversion rate.

Captured 25% of the site’s daily page views.


Given the previous results, we optimized the landing page’s design.


To capitalize the fresh traffic directed to the site we developed different chatbot logics.
The different logics allowed us to qualify leads, and to further engage the users.
An average of 20 conversations per month.


23% conversion rate

584 qualified leads

27 Opportunities

$4.6 million in investments secured

Data Drives Everything.

We have a custom approach to digital lead generation called DICE (Data Informed Customer Engagement) that focuses on making decisions from factual data & analytics, not opinion. This rapid-deployment model enables us to quickly develop go-to-market strategies and deploy in as little as 30-days, gathering data, optimizing campaigns and driving towards agreed upon success metrics.