Shelly Automotive Group

More than just
inflatable gorillas.


Shelly Automotive Group consisted of three high-performing locations in Orange and LA counties. Their mission was to elevate the conversation without sacrificing sales. In the highly accountable world of new and used auto sales, striking this balance is anything but easy. We accomplished that with flying colors.

Reviewing the competitive landscape and audience perceptions of the category, we identified a greenfield of opportunity to mine in both the category of media spend as well as the messages we delivered, which were unique to each dealership yet united under a common thread. Doing more with less was the mantra of this relationship, so we set out to cost-effectively create content that drove clicks and led to unprecedented sales.

“Our charter was to find a partner that was philosophically aligned, genuine in their approach and impactful. INK fit our criteria and more. We were proud to engage INK and felt they would be as forward thinking, passionate and aggressive as we were. The relationship proved to be valuable beyond even our enthusiastic hopes. In our first year with INK, we ranked #1 in sales in the U.S. and won the coveted Center of Excellence Award for the very first time in the operation’s 17-year history.

INK's trajectory is contagious and best of all they are extremely biased towards action. As business leaders, we always seek to surround ourselves with folks that have elite talent. You can achieve this in one fell swoop by partnering with INK."

— Darren Richie, 
General Manager, Irvine BMW

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