Reset and Reflect
January 04, 2014
Todd Henderson

Reset and Reflect

A new year often marks the opportunity for a fresh beginning, as January offers each of us a clean slate. It’s a chance for us to press the “reset” button after the holiday break and get revved up for the coming year. But it is also a time to reflect upon the most recent 12 months that got us to where we are today. In looking back, we’re able to sort through our past experiences, cull the lessons, and apply what we’ve learned to the coming year.

These are resolutions in a sense, but I’d like to think of them less like a checklist of items waiting to be completed, and rather more as mantras to be incorporated into my everyday work life. Time will tell how well I’m able to bring these lessons to the forefront of my work environment.

Look for answers in unexpected places: Some clients have very clear ideas of which marketing tactical executions they’d like to create, others prefer us to present all possibilities. This is a preference, and we’re happy to work with both dynamics. But even if our client already knows precisely what they want, I feel it is our agency’s responsibility to think outside the box. We should be exploring options from multiple angles, as our goal is always to reach the target audience in meaningful, relevant, and exciting ways.

Stay impeccably organized: In the busy industry in which we thrive, we often work on over a dozen projects simultaneously that all feel like they were due yesterday. My favorite way to combat the overwhelming feeling of chaos is organization and time management. Knowing what is due when and to whom not only keeps creative and digital projects running smoothly, it emphasizes our clients’ confidence that their projects are in experienced, capable hands.

Be as passionate as our clients: Have you ever talked to someone with infectious excitement that you wish you could bottle up for yourself? Our clients are dedicated and invested in their brands, and I want to bring that same enthusiasm to every project. While it’s the agency’s job to put themselves in the shoes of the consumer, it’s also the Account Service department’s responsibility to take the client’s perspective: strive to create the best deliverable possible, treat all budgets as if they’re our own, and tap into the passionate undercurrent that feeds all work.

Find the joy: Every industry and job has its hardships, but I have to say that the advertising industry has huge payoffs. We get to come to work every day to something new; there’s never monotony in this office. And we work with creative and brilliant minds to build awesome, fun, and meaningful brands. There’s a camaraderie that’s established, and friendships forged. Bringing smiles to your clients and coworkers is a worthwhile bonus.

In looking back on 2013, there are many other lessons I’d like to keep in mind for the coming year: attack all challenges strategically, learn as much as possible about other departments, and be persistent. What are your mantras for the new year?