June 02, 2016
Todd Henderson


On Friday, May 20, INK hosted 38 students from St. John’s Episcopal School in Rancho Santa Margarita to help us build their arts education and turn STEM into STEAM. Agency president Todd Henderson kicked off the day with some opening remarks about work in the creative world and outlined an apprentice-like competition that would be the center point of the day.

The class was split into two groups and given the task of coming up with a completely new menu item for our client Baja Fresh. A brand manager, an art director and a creative director was assigned to each team to help them bring their ideas to life. Judging was based on product development and how well their marketing strategy would speak to both their peers and their parents.

After a fierce battle the Crunchadilla beat out the Pizzarito by the height of a tortilla. Both ideas were perfectly aligned with the strategy and both looked delicious. Which would you rather try?