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“I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside INK to launch three brands…having a partner like that is invaluable!”

Landon Taylor, Managing Partner, Pier 70 Ventures

The Art of Venturing Boldly.

Launching  a new private equity firm in a crowded marketplace is hard enough. Doing so with a targeted focus would make that job even tougher.  Pier 70’s focus was on companies led by diverse teams of executives. While the data showed that this segment outperformed their homogenized peers, there was some hesitation surrounding their model, but the numbers don’t lie: 
“Fortune 1000 companies in the top quartile of ethnic diversity among their senior management outperformed their peers in EBITDA margin by 35%.”
– McKinsey & Company 2017 Study “Delivering Through Diversity”

It’s felt when something unstoppable is unleashed. At Pier 70 Ventures, we specialize in discovering, funding and accelerating entrepreneurs that change things and push the human race forward. There’s power in  diversity. Let’s Venture Boldly.
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