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ExtraHop Brings Immersive Cybersecurity Experience to RSAC

Cybersecurity firm ExtraHop excels at detecting threats and infiltrators inside of enterprise networks, without being detected by bad actors, so they can be neutralized before damage is done. Wanting to capitalize on an opportunity at RSAC, the world’s largest cybersecurity tradeshow, they hired INK to create an immersive experience inside their booth that would help them stand apart from much larger names at the show.

Our solution? We chose the metaphor of a black box to illustrate the mystery of what’s happening in a network and the detection challenges that cybersecurity professionals face. Then we built a literal black box emblazoned with the teaser “What’s in the black box?”. Inside, pre-qualified attendees experienced a floor-to-ceiling, three-walled immersive video experience. They become the hero as they enter this mysterious, CG-generated landscape, don their “X suit” powered by Reveal(x), ExtraHop’s flagship product, chase down and ultimately neutralize the interlopers. Exiting the booth after this 4-minute infotainment adventure, viewers were then given product demos by ExtraHop sales personnel to complete the cycle.

This infotainment adventure was hyped prior to the show and generated opt-ins and foot traffic totaling 1,600 unique, new contacts.

"INK was an amazing partner to us. They kept creative integrity and professionalism despite last minute changes—the booth was an absolute game changer for prospects and customers. It was a stand out on the show floor. We are so grateful!"

- Lona Therrien, VP Corporate Marketing, ExtraHop